Korto Momolu | With Every Breath She Takes, Korto Momolu Wins (PRAllStars, S3 Finale)
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With Every Breath She Takes, Korto Momolu Wins (PRAllStars, S3 Finale)

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I enjoyed the final challenge most of all.

Every artist understands the desire to possess full freedom of execution despite the demands and often restrictive parameters of pop culture. Every artist will experience particular moments of transformation where their entire passion and being is fully immersed into a particular work or design which is then translated to an audience, minus interruption or misinterpretation. This is the highest level of form and function and can be undeniably described as pure genius.

And this is precisely the moment that Designer Korto Momolu experienced in season three of Project Runway AllStars’ final challenge. She seized the day completely and paid supreme homage to her West African heritage and country of Liberia through her God-given talent and unwavering determination.

Korto Head Shot1-edited

The judges may have announced their collective decision in favor of another, but thousands of TeamKorto fans across the globe spoke loudest of all proclaiming the brilliance of Korto Momolu’s finale collection. “Effortless chic”, as one judge declared, truly captures the heart and soul that Korto infused into each of her designs. As I stated in a previous post, her overall ‘hustle and flow’ from workroom to runway will never be matched by another in her profession, because of the uniqueness of style born from her tradition and experiences.

Korto’s roots are long, and so is her patience and grace in the face of her hecklers and critics. Disappointments and setbacks are only bits and pieces of one’s entire life, but that which makes the whole is worth the fight and the heartache. This is the life of a designer, the life of an artist dedicated to speaking her aesthetic vision into existence, uninterrupted. You do not have to love Korto or all of her work, but you must respect her art and the persistence and immeasurable passion that she represents in her person and creations. For all of this and more, she is winning with every breath.

TeamKorto fans everywhere, thank you for your continued support of Designer Korto Momolu, the explosion of encouragement and well wishes in the past few days, and the growing contributions to her GoFundMe “True Fashion Experience 2014” Campaign.

TasteMaker Ivy

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  • Lisa | Jan 12, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Korto, I loved the collection you presented at the finale! I would be dying to wear the long dress or the jumpsuite, they were both fabulous!
    I am hoping desperately, that you”ll produce those pieces and sell them in your online store!
    Many hugs from Germany!

  • Kelley | Jan 13, 2014 at 2:29 am

    I was so shocked on the finale I totally thought Korto was the winner without a doubt! I loved your collection! It was so flattering to the eye and women’s body, high fashion but and yet ready to wear! Not too tribal just enough to give you a taste! Korto you are so talented and I was so happy with your collection and all the over pieces you made throughout the show! Team KortoMomolu!!!

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