Korto Momolu | Trend 2014: Korto Momolu and ‘The Anti-Suit’ (PRAllStars, Season 3, Episode 8)
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Trend 2014: Korto Momolu and ‘The Anti-Suit’ (PRAllStars, Season 3, Episode 8)

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TREND 2014: Korto Momolu

| The Anti-Suit |

I love suits, but in tems of women’s wear, I definitely think they need a stronger and more updated presence outside of the workplace. I consider the ‘white vested suit’ I created for Carli [Vlogger Carli Bybel] in our latest [PRAllStars] challenge to be the ‘Anti-Suit’, working against fashion norms to redefine the suit standard. In general, my first priority is to give my client what they want, and in doing this, I find what’s missing and fill in the gaps.

Today, most women’s off-the-rack suits don’t meet or exceed the high style quotient of the ‘LBD’ or evening gown for the after-five lifestyle. It’s true that the power suit has positively defined us [women] in the professional world for decades, but Designer Korto Momolu is correct, we’re way overdue for a serious overhaul on the traditional or standard suit. And like always, Korto is light years ahead of us…introducing the ‘Anti-Suit’. Shown are three strong examples, ranging from the designer’s most recent winning concept on Project Runway AllStars to a look from her spring 2009 collection at Bryant Park, that speak for themselves and about each other in more ways than one. 

ColorCollage-The Suit1

“The Anti-Suits” (l. to r.): PRAllStars S3, Ep 8 (Winner); PRAllStars S3, Ep2 and spring 2009 collection (NYFW)

Each of these pieces strike a common chord in their refreshingly rare silhouettes that offer women’s wear new ‘off-the-clock’ style options in the suit department. Always one for an impeccably tailored blazer, I don’t think I could ask anything more from these three ‘anti-blazers’ from concept to color to overall styling. Now, some critics might nitpick over the use of peplum detailing in a 2014 trend, but I believe this is where Korto separates herself from the crowd and rightly so. She understands that any challenge or design concept is secondary to the woman or client. Despite any designer’s desire to live beyond the moment, experiment or design for the so-called ‘ideal’, they must learn to incorporate balance in their execution and flatter their client’s figure above all. 

My process is fairly simple…observe the woman, develop the trend, and then add color and texture as necessary. I design for real women, from housewives like Marge Simpson to QVC customers and beauty bloggers. The past three challenges were all connected, because we had to design for everyday people, not traditional models. When you strip things down, you have to be able to make the necessary adjustments and insure a good fit no matter the height or weight of your client. Over time, I’ve just learned how to play the game and satisfy both myself and the customer.

And this you do very well, Korto. Once again, congratulations on your second win! We can’t wait for the next round; Team Korto is behind you 100%! 

  • Ashley | Dec 24, 2013 at 10:14 am

    Is it possible to buy the white suit??

    • TasteMakerIvy | Jan 6, 2014 at 1:23 am

      Select All Star designs are available for auction only, but this item is not currently available. Check the Project Runway auction site for this or future items periodically. See link: http://projectrunwayallstars.com/episodes

      Thank you for supporting Korto Momolu!

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