Korto Momolu’s HUSTLE & FLOW

Creating clothes has always been my dream, but designing for women of all sizes [is] my passion. I designed [the dress for the QVC challenge] with all the frills and thrills a woman wants in mind, but also making sure she feels amazing, sexy, and most importantly, beautiful when she puts it on.    -Korto Momolu,

Let’s take a moment and review Korto’s distinctive brand; as both a woman and a designer, she has never let us down. As her quote implies, Korto places the woman (or any client) before her design, understanding that we want to look and feel good on and off the red carpet. And it’s been clear from the current and past seasons of Project Runway that this is not an easy task for some designers. As a fashion designer, you have to know your client’s lifestyle, the overall image they want to project, and create a flattering design that answers all their needs yet still has your signature. (Crazy?! Yes, I know, but this is how it works…) And Designer Korto Momolu has the precise formula! Apparently, others agree.

Project Runway AllStars guest judge and QVC Host Lisa Robertson knew exactly what she was doing when she selected Korto’s design on Thursday evening to wear at QVC’s annual Oscar red carpet affair in March 2014 and to feature as the show-stopping design for sale at (almost sold out as I write this…You go, girl!). Women have always had a desire for beautiful clothes, but now, more than ever, there is also a need for stunning, yet more affordable and wearable designs. And Robertson knows her QVC audience better than anyone, stating “That is definitely a gown that we could sell to our QVC customers…I do really love the dress!”

(Left) - QVC Challenge's Winning Design (Top right) - Designer Korto Momolu w/QVC Host Lisa Robertson (Bottom right) - Winning design's dress detail

(Left) – QVC Challenge’s Winning Design (Top right) – Designer Korto Momolu w/QVC Host Lisa Robertson (Bottom right) – Winning design’s dress detail

Korto Momolu has always pushed the limits and worked to include real world women in the milieu of exclusive fashion by expanding our views of iconic beauty and timeless style. Her crazy, brilliant hustle and mega-watt talent continues to play a significant role in awaking a gorgeous, easy flow in our dress and stride. And for this, Korto, we thank you! Congratulations, Sis!

Yep, it was me…thanks for the love and support! I’m on cloud nine…and there’s more to come!

xo, Korto Momolu


#PRAllStars Season 3, Episode 7

#PRAllStars Season 3, Episode 7


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