Korto Momolu | Korto Momolu Is Still Safe….Is It A Crime? (PR AllStars, Season 3, Episode 5)
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Korto Momolu Is Still Safe….Is It A Crime? (PR AllStars, Season 3, Episode 5)

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And then there were two “Godfathers”…as you know, designer Korto Momolu’s good friend and fellow Project Runway AllStars contestant Mychael Knight said his goodbyes in the fifth episode, exiting the stage with an air of both the consummate gentleman and professional, while past Project Runway, Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia finally received a win from the judges’ panel. But more significantly, last Thursday’s “Partners in Crime” challenge marked a definite turning point in the competition for all the remaining designers as they set aside their competitive differences, for the most part, and worked in pairs to create some of the most resplendent designs yet of this season. And though I was personally impressed with all of our designers’ craftsmanship in this challenge, I could not help but note that Korto and her partner Elena Slivnyak (PR, Season 10) were the sole “team” that designed an updated thirties “Bonnie and Clyde” set: a killer faux leather bomber jacket duo that was strikingly multifaceted, oozing glamour, romance and 21st century rebellion.

PicMonkey Collage-B+C

In similar stride and once again, designer Christopher Palu (PR, Season 10) struck a high mark with an edit-proof, dangerously form-fitting, silk sheath and tanned halter belt for the modern “Bonnie”. Even Korto admitted, “I would wear that in a heartbeat!” Me, too. Out of all the rest, the previous designs truly captured the essence or nature of a Bonnie and Clyde type in present day; you just got that “bad to the bone” destructive aesthetic; even Jeffrey’s herringbone overcoat, though not as sleek or elegant in design, definitely exuded the feel of the romantic roughneck per se. But all in all, it was “teamwork” that drove the designers’ momentum in this challenge; for some, the parameters of this challenge seemed to be exactly what they needed to boost their confidence and take the time to do what they do best: Design. Korto, herself, was excited to pair with a partner, giving her the chance to plan her look at a more normal pace and allowing both her and her partner, Elena, a shoulder to “lean on” throughout the execution process.

For the first time, we [the designers] didn’t feel as rushed through each step of the design process, and it really showed on the runway. Almost everyone pulled out some of their best work yet in this challenge or pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone. In the creative process, it feels good to bounce ideas off of another at times and share some of the tasks, as well as pressure. And Elena and I worked really well together, because we cleared the air and made sure we understood each other before beginning. I have a lot of respect for her…the girl is very organized. I admire her for finally breaking her standard silhouette to meet and exceed the challenge. We hadn’t seen this look from Elena before, but she did an awesome job!

They both did. And with Korto Momolu’s overall ingenuity and technical genius, she should be at the head of the design class; yet, our favorite designer continues to be SAFE. Why? The mystery is still unsolved, though Korto has her own perspective on matters.

In this particular challenge, it was anybody’s game….everything was up to [the judges’] interpretation. Though I didn’t get the win, I still received a ton of male respect for my ‘Clyde’ jacket; but honestly, I was confused by some of the looks…they didn’t feel modern or edgy to me, and that was supposed to be the challenge. Everyone was clearly dressed to go to a party, but we definitely weren’t going to the same party. I think the lines were too blurred…

And once again, Korto’s (and now Elena’s) clever simplicity flew way below the radar; check out the mix of traditional and modern textures and the construction of the unique wool collar/scarf on “Clyde’s” jacket. Korto has incorporated all the romantic “thirties” menswear staples, i.e. wool scarf, suspenders, gloves, and tailored pant; yet, she pushed the fast-forward button to the 21st century with the addition of updated textures, details and overall craftsmanship. Here, we have, not 1930’s Clyde, but the new and improved 2013 version (daredevil attitude included), and was that not the challenge? You tell me.

Korto Clyde Look Page

There are no more excuses for Korto being “safe”; at this point, it’s criminal. And now that the first of the three “Godfathers” is gone, Korto is more determined than ever to pull out all the stops, giving the judges no other choice than to announce her as the clear and unquestionable winner. And to put a spin on one of Jeffrey’s recent remarks, “[She’s] gettin’ it done”. At this point, I don’t really see any other options. 

To view Season 3, Episode 5 “Partners in Crime” of Project Runway All Stars, click here:  http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway-all-stars #PRAllStars #DesignerKorto #LikeKortoMomolu

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