Korto Momolu | Korto Momolu: In Living Print – (PRAllStars Season 3, Episode 3)
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Korto Momolu: In Living Print – (PRAllStars Season 3, Episode 3)

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Project Runway AllStars made a covert play by selecting Jay Z’s 40/40 Club, named after a record-setting baseball players’ clique, for Episode 3’s “Cocktail” challenge. In my opinion, our chosen designers could have sipped an inspirational cocktail in any number of elite NYC clubs, but the dynamic mix of entertainment, sports and New York City nightlife in The 40/40 Club was somewhat lost on the designers, with the exception of Irina, Viktor, Seth Aaron and Korto Momolu.

The latter four executed a stunning collaboration of fire, indifference and splendor, worthy of The 40/40 Club’s elite atmosphere, in their respective designs and none, more so, than our all-star favorite, Korto Momolu. That “summer” green print was signature Korto!! And as always, her execution truly speaks for itself, so I won’t waste time on specifics or the judges’ critiques. After all, a picture (and Isaac Mizrahi’s continuous “Top Pick” status) is truly worth a thousand and one words. Is it not?


Truthfully though, I don’t want to write another PR recap, and I don’t believe you want to read another. So, let’s talk Everything Korto (I mean, isn’t that why you’re here?!?!).

First, sincerest congratulations and best wishes to my friend and favorite designer, Korto Momolu, on her special announcement; oh, if you haven’t heard: KORTO IS HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Next, I’d like to share some “insider” bits regarding Korto’s signature style and her overall game plan for the 3rd season. Fans, please know that Korto may not be running in the fast lane to stardom, but she always has an articulate strategy. In our last conversation, Korto directly addressed her design choices and responded to criticism:

I refuse to be in a box…I am African. I am Woman, and I design ready-to-wear. [Some styles] can only cater to certain women, but my comprehensive approach has held its own over the years; there has never been a need to water-down or enhance my style for any PR challenge.

It’s funny, but I love when people underestimate me; my competition may not know it, but I’m learning from their mistakes. Maybe it’s the mama in me or maybe it’s the woman; I’m not snobby, but I’m taking it all in and steadily watching them all leave, one by one. It’s how I play the game; everyone has their own strategy.

I wasn’t surprised when Mychael raised his glass to me in the “cocktail” challenge; he picked me for the same reason I chose Jeffrey. We’re the Godfathers of this show; we started this game. You have to have friends…allies…in the end, it’s how you survive.

And Korto has always been a survivor and a winner in my book. With each challenge, I wish her more than words can say. But nothing has been more satisfactory to her than discovering that she will soon be blessed with another child. She and her family are amazed and humbled by the outpouring of love from friends and fans across the globe:

This is truly an unexpected blessing; God works in mysterious ways! Thank you for the beautiful comments and prayers; please continue to send prayers for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Love, Korto

To view Season 3, Episode 3 “Sip Into Something” of Project Runway All Stars, click here: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway #PRAllStars #DesignerKorto #LikeKortoMomolu

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