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If These Clothes Could Talk | Tales From a Fashionista

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If clothes could talk my closet would be chatting up a storm…and gossiping, and maybe even screaming loudly.  Those impossibly high red peep toes that come out only for the extra special occasions would be telling you that “Pain is beauty, baby.”

A piece from Korto’s Spring 2012 collection would be saying “I am bold, brilliant, and beautiful and there is nothing that will stop me today.”  And I can’t even imagine the conversations you could have with some gorgeous vintage pieces that have remained classic and timeless after all these years.

Every piece of clothing has its own life and it’s own story, and speaks volumes about the woman wearing it.  Sadly, our clothes can’t do the talking, but the designer can.

Korto will be telling a few stories of her own at “Tales from the South” in North Little Rock at the Starving Artist Cafe on Tuesday, Nov. 1.  Admission is $5 so let’s skip the strange stares and awkward silence you’d get from trying to talk to your favorite sparkly clutch bag, and spend some time listening to a designer that’s got a ton of experience and interesting tales to share.


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