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Fashion Tragedy | Style Saves the Day

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Attempts to be fashionable is where it all goes wrong. What leads to disappointment – and trust me, we echo the same sentiments- is the inability to develop style (more importantly, a personal style).  Style is effortless, natural and frankly much easier to sustain over a longer period of time. Fashion, given its nature is ever-transformative; impacted by trends, popular choices, and perhaps celebrity endorsements.

Here are three way to develop your personal style:

1. Decide on what you feel comfortable with: Nothing worse than a person who may look good, however looks totally uncomfortable.

2. Be inspired: Window shop and yes, use magazine clippings or pinterst (for you app savvy shoppers)

3. Accentuate (not exaggerate) your assets: Tailor, fit, and tailor.

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